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About ZacJac and Our Story

Duo team John & Janette are the proud owners and operators of ZacJac Surf. Having been in business for over 30 years they decided they wanted to diversify a little and try something new.

Have you ever had a passion for something and wanted to share it with the world?

ZacJac Surf was the result of the passion and the want to share that passion and joy with the public. Creating quality products for people just like you that want to enjoy the great outdoors by the sea, lake or anywhere there is water.

The origins of ZacJac date back some 50 odd years with Zac & Jac having attended the same primary school going through the grades a year apart, from there & moving on into the early teens, the connection was made through a common group of mates & then with Zac introducing Jac to surfing @ Point Lonsdale. We would ride old mals’ some cut down & most with heaps of dings in them; we didn’t really worry too much about the cosmetics, as it was the fun & pure joy of the water & the waves that mattered.

Gaining our independence with car licences & motor vehicles the adventures of discovery began. Our weekends & any opportunity that presented itself was taken up with trips away to parts of the Victorian coastline stretching from Wilsons Prom’ in the east, right through to Portland in the west & anywhere in between (You know the spots!)

It was on one of these trips away that our discovery was made, we were on our way home & like many times before the suggestion was made to explore a track, which led to a gate & then another track, which led to a beach with no one in the water! A right hander with a fun 3 – 4 ‘reef wave. It was decided, the spot would be named “ZacJacs”  Our lives have moved on with families etc. We still surf together with the same love & excitement for the water.


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